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the sea, the corals, the infinite movement of the water…
Segni di mare contemporary jewelry inspiration is the sea, its life, colour and emotions.

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Fluid and organic pieces that are best worn naturally, carrying the sounds of waves, the flash of sun and send into the everyday life of the wearer. The projects are often revisited in a continuous process of experimentation and research to become a unique wearable design. All the creations of Segni di mare are one of a kind or limited editions, originally designed and hand-finished. Segni di mare is designed by Marcella Monti.

“just looking at the sea and I feel happy”
“Making what you want to do makes you feel free!”


Segni di Mare display

Also this year Segni di Mare was at Festival Italiano ad Auckland. Amazing atmosphere, many friends and new encounters. I always feel so excited to [...]

A whale tail to feel the freedom

When a whale prepares for a deep dive... he arches his back, his head in position and moves downward. This is when you can see [...]

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