contemporary design

Making what you want to do makes you feel free.

Segni di Mare in Italian means “signs from the sea”, the amazing world from where I take inspiration for my jewellery creations. I use “signs” that I find in the sea to start sketching my projects. I design and create small wearable sculpture inspired from the world that I love. I work mainly with silver, bronze and gold, precious and semi-precious stones, and elements that have drifted in from the sea. The design is always changing in a continuous process of experimentation and research. I’m fascinated by the shapes of the reflection of the sun dancing on the waves, the organic ramification of the corals, the intricate formation of the seashells and so many other secret you can see, feel and listen in the ocean. All the creations of Segni di Mare are one of a kind or limited editions, originally designed, hand-finished, with nothing mass produced. The pieces have a fluid and organic look that is best worn naturally, carrying the sounds of waves and the flash of sun and send into the everyday life of the wearer.

Marcella. I was born in Naples, Italy, where I lived and worked most of my life. About eighteen years ago I started travelling, first sailing following the wind to New Zealand and then other routes, but always in places by the sea. I’ve been living and working in Singapore for some time and now I’m back sailing through the oceans, an experience that already changed my life once. I’m a designer with a specialization in the digital side, video postproduction and web. I like to think that my passion for jewellery design started when I was very young and used to visit my grandfather’s goldsmith office. I was fascinated by the care with which my grandfather handled each piece, and the stories they revealed. Now I like to experiment with different materials and organic shapes, modelling and sculpting wearable objects that can express my love for the sea. I’m still learning every day, every design I do, and this is what I enjoy the most. I think the value of jewellery is not what it is made from, but what it means to you. And for me an item of jewellery, to be part of me, needs to have a sign of the sea.