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Segni di mare is a jewelry brand inspired by the sea, designed and made by Marcella Monti with natural and sustainable material, “in them I reflect my passion and respect for the ocean”.

The design is fluid and organic and it is best worn naturally, carrying the sounds of waves into the everyday life of the woman who wants something unique and meaningful.

There are treasures hidden in the rocks or in the corals.

There are Sharks, Wales, Manta rays, …

Coral sculptures and flower blooming.

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There are many secrets you can see, feel and listen in the ocean: “I design jewelry inspired by the sea”

The sea and it’s infinite movement of the water…

I’m fascinated by the dancing reflection that the sun draws on the waves.

riflesso bracelet

The organic ramification of the corals and the intricate formation of the seashells inspire Segni di Mare design.

“just looking at the sea makes me feeling happy”

“wearing a piece of jewellery that hold a sign of the sea connect me with my inner soul”


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