Here I am sailing Eidos! Since the beginning of this project in 2018 to get Eidos ready to leave Cape Town I’m still improving to sail and manage her together with my DH Carmine. The time is flying away with over 10.000 nautical miles sailed from South Africa to North Europe and south to the mediterranean sea.

As you can see from my design, my inspiration is the sea, it’s life, it’s reflections, it’s movement. And what is the best way to explore it more than sailing? But I’m still asking myself where is the time to make my jewelry… I’m sketching a lot of new ideas and I’m also changing the way I see my jewelry, I want to add  colours and tactile feeling to them. But this nomad life and the sailing commitment are leaving my jewelry projects unfinished and delayed. So far I’ve only completed few pieces on specific requests.

I really hope that after this few years, adapting at this every moment changing life, I will be able to make my sketching taking life! I’m missing it a lot!!!