We are approaching Christmas and the city is already full of decorations and lights. So I thought of a small object to remember IWG and celebrate Christmas, an object to wear or use as a decoration, something you can hold and, one day in the future, will help us remember these beautiful moments passed with the group of Italian women in Singapore. But not only, all the proceeds from sales will be donated to Charity associations that IWG supports. So what better than a little angel?

There are so many stories attributed to the representation of angels, but for me it is a symbol of purity and protection, when I was little I believed an invisible angel was often close to me to protect me from the bad things, so the night before to go to sleep I was talking to my invisible angel and wishing him a good night!
I have designed this pendant exclusively for IWG, it is in bronze and can be used as decoration on a Christmas tree or on the table, or as a pendant.
IWG has produced 30 pieces to propose to members and friends of the IWG and can do a present for the Charity that we support.